Aliens Of The Metaverse

Aliens have invaded the blockchain ​​will you stay out?
Aliens of the metaverse is a collection created by 7 youtubers
Our goal is to become the best nfts collection ever
Buy and hold your nfts for usdc earnings every month

Sell ​​nft’s at a value of 10 usdt/busd,
In the purchase of 7 aliens you will be part of an exclusive community on telegram you will be able to vote for the changes and future of the project be part of this investor group
Holders of our nfts will be rewarded monthly in usdc
40% of the value of each nft will be placed in a usdc poll and every month holders will receive usdc as a reward
Be holders of our aliens and be in our telegram community to participate in sweepstakes in our community

Usdc earnings every month will be capped, you will get back the amount invested in nft + 25% profit on the amount invested
We want a safe and sustainable project in the long term to continue to profit every month you will have to buy more nfts.
When you complete the cycle and receive your investment + 25% profit , you can sell your nft on opensea buy a new nft and keep profiting,we are creating a safe ecosystem for our investors and thinking about the future of the project!!
Limiting the gains in usdc will make the project healthy…
We also have a store in our collection where we sell items such as t-shirts, bags, mousepads and other items shop at our store and help the project.
The money obtained through the sale in our store will be used to keep the project ecosystem healthy… this money plus the 40% of the money from the sales of nfts will be used to reward every month the holders of our nfts

You will earn earnings every month in usdc what determines your earnings in usdc is the rarity of your nft.
Rare nfts in turn, you will have higher earnings at the end of the month in usdc.
We will pay all holders of our nft collection, common nfts will receive less usdc.
All will be paid every month.
Become a holder of our nfts.
All nfts were created their arts and their metadata,
Metadata is what determines the rarity of your nft
When you get 7 aliens in your wallet you will have the power of vote in our community and you will be able to vote on the changes and future of our collection.

Buy and save your nfts and earn earnings with your investment!
There are 1,111 nfts made on the polygon network

Ambassadors to publicize the project,
Distribution of monthly amounts in usdc to nfts holders
Community and private group draws on telegram for those who buy 7 nfts
Include in the contract a 10% fee on the sale of nft’s regardless of which platform it is.
Opensea, rarible and others…

Number of nft’s for sale 1111
First 100 nfts sell at 10 usdt
100 to 400 up to 15 usdt
400 to 600 up to 20 usdt
600 to 1000 up to 25 usdt
1000 to 1111 up to final price of 30 usdt

Phase 1

Develop nft’s (common/rare/legendary),
Create social networks for disclosure (tik tok, telegram, instagram, twitter)

Determine the date to lie the nft’s,

Disclosure of nft’s by the ambassadors of the aom project (aliens of the metaverse),

Develop website for sale/marketplace,

Sell ​​tickets at an initial price of 10 usdt/busd.

Phase 2

Nfts minting,

Sale of nft’s through its own website and organize a collection at opensea e rarible,

Accounting for collected amounts,

Conduct the first raffle to the community.
Start paying usdt monthly for project holders

Hire some influencers to promote the collection
Disclosure action by ambassadors,

2 community raffle

Phase 3

Second season of the animated nfts collection

Hire free lancer to produce

Create the animated aliens collection

Community raffles
Marketing and partnerships for dissemination

Launch of the new aliens of the metaverse 2 collection

Date(s) - September 4, 2022 - September 11, 2022
12:00 am


Tags collectible, giveaway, rewards

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