Crypto Castaways Nft

Crypto castaways nft

A collection of 10,000 nft where holders are granted access to real world treasure quests with prizes over $10,000! 

Using our custom smart phone app – users solve riddles, decipher puzzles, & race other teams in their quest for the treasure booty!

Nft holder benefits

Holding one of our nfts means you can participate in all our events!  This is not a one-time ticket, it’s a lifetime membership!  The following is a list of rewards that we have established as well as items that are in the works.

Nft treasure quests:  access & participation in all treasure quests                     we host.

Excursion launch parties:  the night before each treasure quest, we will be holding a meet & greet party in that city.  We will have free swag, raffles & other surprises for all that attend.

Online contests:  in the downtime between treasure quests, we will keep the community engaged by holding various online only events.  These will range from puzzles to creation of creative content.

Merchandise discounts:  in the near future we will be launching our own merchandise and nft holders will receive a 10% discount.

Partnership discounts & freebies:  in each treasure quest location we are building partnerships with businesses to offer extras to liven up your trip!  Coupons & discounts to food & beverage locales as well as entertainment venues are all in the works.  These will be announced in the time leading up to each cities’ nft treasure quest. 


Exclusive ‘members only’ content:  this includes access to question & answer sessions, chat rooms, polls & breaking news before any others!


Nft art

Stranded on a deserted island, your castaway has been assembled from 9 different categories of 130+  different hand-drawn traits.  Was your crypto-castaway on an adventure to find buried treasure when their ship was attacked by the legendary kraken!? Or perhaps a plane crash marooned your character with no supplies & no sign of hope on the horizon!  Each nft has a story waiting to be written, with the author being your imagination.


As with most nft collections, the crypto-castaways have rare and coveted traits. Will you mint a castaway with an outfit recognizable from the silver screen, or a hairstyle from one of your favorite tv shows?  Maybe a rare handheld weapon to fend off the hungry sharks!  Rare traits are always exciting to obtain…. But the crypto-castaways take things to another level with the chance to mint a masterpiece!  Masterpieces are a castaway with at least 3 aligning traits from the categories of hairstyles, outfits, oculars & handhelds.


Do you want a castaway with aligning traits, or would you prefer a mosh posh of all your favorite traits?  Mint a crypto-castaway nft to find out who will be joining you on your nft treasure quests!

Treasure quests – what to expect the day of the adventure!

Treasure quests will begin at 11am & typically take 4-5hrs.  There is no set starting location, but we will provide everyone with a general radius as to the area the quest will be focused in.  Using the smart phone companion app, users will complete various tasks while racing other teams in a dash to the finish!  Puzzle tasks will require users to solve a riddle, brainteaser, cypher, or logic puzzle, & provide a text response within the app.  It should be noted that none of the puzzles are intended to take more than a few minutes to solve, they should be viewed as ‘speed bumps’ rather than a ‘roadblock’, attention to detail will be key! Upon entering the correct answer to a puzzle task, the next task will appear & the process continues to repeat itself.  We also have geolocation tasks where the user will be required to travel to a specific location. Once the participant reaches the required geolocation, they will be able to push a confirmation button, & if they have breached the geofencing requirement they will be notified of completing the task.  Also built into the system will be qr code & bar code scanning.  In some locations users will be required to scan the correct code to move on to the next task, we have setup lots of different scenarios for the scanning option so keep your eyes peeled!  There will not be any physical strengths of feat, no exertions of physical force or stamina required.  We do have some tasks that require you to complete a skill or mini game, but nothing a child couldn’t accomplish.  The most physical requirement asked of participants will be to walk.  The most important thing for users to know & remember is that we will never direct you to enter a dangerous or prohibited area!  Do not enter construction sites, areas marked as off limits or any type of waterway!  At no time will we ask you to enter a pool, stream, or river, no exceptions! 


Prizes – what can I win?

Season #1 will have a total prize pool of $100,000 cash & prizes & will be comprised of 10 individual treasure quests each with a prize pool of $10,000. 

1st place wins $5,000 cash

2nd place wins $2,500 cash

3rd place wins $1,000 cash

Additional prizes will be awarded to teams that meet other special requirements; these will vary from city to city and will be announced in the time leading up to each treasure quest. 

An integral part of our project is that we will be rolling 30% of royalties collected on nft sales back into future treasure quests & contests. Meaning prizes have the potential to grow to uncapped amounts!  Since royalties will be collected from our initial launch sales, we fully expect the prizes for season #2 to surpass $10,000 for each treasure hunt.  We will continue to put 30% of royalties into future seasons & we are excited at the prospect of one day awarding the largest prize ever for a single day treasure hunt!

Treasure quests are not the only way to win!  We will be awarding smaller prizes for various contests online; including word searches, photo contests & challenging riddles! 

Date(s) - September 8, 2022 - September 15, 2022
12:00 am


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