Mintable is a platform built on top of Ethereum that allows users to create, distribute, buy, sell, and trade digital files on the blockchain through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Mintable allows you to browse its marketplace to make bids and purchases on digital items. These items live on the blockchain and are deposited into your wallet upon purchase. The Ethereum blockchain records all transactions providing indisputable proof that you are the owner, crediting the seller in the process. All items feature a preview image illustration making them recognizable in your wallet. Some digital items will contain private files (digital content) that can only be unlocked by their owners.


Mintable allows content creators to monetize their digital brand with no initial crypto required! If you are an artist, musician, cyberpunk, or work for an organization, Mintable allows you to sell digital files as NFTs. The limits of how these digital items are sold to your social media following, clients, or partners is solely limited by your imagination at integrating NFTs into your workflow. For example, a musician can create rare album covers that differ from the conventional art cover of a widespread release, and because they are on the blockchain, anyone can verify their source of origin and original quantity.


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