On the Solana blockchain, Solanart is an open marketplace for NFTs. Simply said, it’s a marketplace where artists can freely list their collections, and anyone may purchase or sell NFTs made in Solana. Opensea, which runs on the same open marketplace model as Solanart, is the most direct comparison.


This differs from other platforms, where collections are curated and must be authorized by the platform before being listed. Before their collections may be included on Nifty Gateway, creators must submit an application and undergo a screening process.
It’s understandable to be concerned that open marketplaces could be vulnerable to fraud and the listing of bogus collections. While this is still a common occurrence in the NFT industry, marketplaces have evolved their systems to include ‘blue ticks’ for certified collections.

Collections are usually only confirmed when a particular amount of transactions (by value) has been reached. The open marketplace teams can also engage directly with creators to verify that the original collections are validated. It’s worth noting that the main NFT marketplaces development are still centralized.

In reality, this implies that NFT markets have complete control over whether and when collections and NFTs are approved and removed from their pages.


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